Paques Biomaterials and Looop partner in producing PHA

Paques Biomaterials and Looop partner in producing PHA from agri-food side streams

Paques Biomaterials and Looop will collaborate in producing PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoate) from agri-food side streams. Paques Biomaterials has been working for more than ten years on the technology in which microbes in organic side streams produce the biopolymer PHA. Looop is an independent (knowledge) partner and supplier of these side streams from the agri-food sector.

It is hardly surprising that these companies have found each other and will join forces in producing a natural alternative to plastic.”The cooperation with Looop offers us a secure supply of side streams to produce PHA from,” says RenĂ© Rozendal, co-founder of Paques Biomaterials. “Looop has a lot of experience in valorising side streams. They are innovative and apply high quality control. Because Looop can combine different side streams from the agri-food sector, they can guarantee the best feedstock for our PHA production.”

PHA is also called the most promising biopolymer because it is made by nature and also completely degrades in nature, both in the soil and in the sea and without any specific equipment or conditions. In this way PHA can prevent plastic pollution and microplastics.

Looop and Paques Biomaterials recently expressed their intention to jointly explore the production of PHA in organic side streams. “We guarantee our suppliers the highest valorisation for their side streams,” says Kelly Vermeer, manager Procurement & Development at Looop. “Producing PHA provides higher valorisation, which ensures lower CO2 emissions and is for that reason an important broadening within our application areas. It is both biobased and circular and, therefore, fits perfectly with our mission and vision.


Looop brings organic side streams back into the food chain as animal feed, raw materials for pet food and bio-based products, among other things. In the process, Looop works towards two Sustainable Development Goals, Responsible Consumption (12) and Partnership for the goals (17). “We have a very strong focus on partnerships. Our whole company is founded on collaborations and connection,” says Paul Slits, the shareholder of Looop. There is no other way when you are in a circular chain. That’s why we have joined forces with Paques Biomaterials. Paul Slits is an intuitive thinker who depends on his instincts. “The cooperation with Paques Biomaterials just feels right. We both work towards a world in balance with nature. In this, we have a great ally in each other.”

Several collaborations are running to produce PHA

Paques Biomaterials has several collaborations running to produce PHA. Dutch companies with industrial wastewater, a consortium with water authorities for municipal wastewater, and a multinational company in South Korea. In the months ahead, the cooperation between Looop and Paques Biomaterials will be defined in terms of both business development and technology development.