JTF subsidy fit-for-purpose bioplastics

JTF subsidy fit-for-purpose bioplastics

Yesterday afternoon was the kick-off meeting of the JTF subsidy project, Market-driven synthesis of fit-for-purpose bioplastics (PHBVs). During this kick-off, all project partners presented their contributions to the project.

Market-driven synthesis of fit-for-purpose bioplastics (PHBVs)

For this three-year project, we formed a consortium in which Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, NHL Stenden Hogeschool and Hanzehogeschool Groningen work together with companies Senbis Polymer Innovations B.V., Senbis Sustainable Products, Maan Group and Paques Biomaterials. ASQA is supporting us in the project, which has been granted nearly €4 million.

The total investment of this project is €8 million. It is our goal to deepen our knowledge of the wide variety of PHBVs that can be produced from waste streams and their full potential for different applications. We will be working on:

• develop, build and operate a unique PHA extraction plant with a capacity of 80-120 kg per week.
• gaining and exchanging new knowledge regarding PHBVs and other PHAs within the North Netherlands region
• looking at end-of-live options and closing the chain
• developing knowledge at the relevant scale of fermentation and extraction processes that can control the selected HV contents and viscosity for the relevant applications

Fit-for-purpose bioplastics

Project partners previously collaborated on another project.

This JTF project continues to build on the knowledge already gained to increase both the potential and applications of PHAs from various waste streams. This previous project resulted in the establishment of a full value chain from application to source through which plastics produced with fossil raw materials in various applications can start to be replaced by PHBVs. The results of the research project Circular Biopolymers Value Chains (CBW) for PHA and Cellulose of BERNN(Bio Economy Region Northern Netherlands) will feed into developments on Fit-for-Purpose PHAs.

A major knowledge development step

The current JTF project aimed at developing and exchanging knowledge related to the targeted pilot production and extraction of PHAs into market-oriented prototype applications is a logical continuation of this. If we can figure out together how this steering towards a PHA with specific properties can be achieved on a larger and continuous scale, a major knowledge development step has been taken towards an intended process operation of a plant on a larger pilot scale.

This JTF subsidy project JTFN-00014 is funded by: