Fertilizer coatings

Controlled release fertilizers represent a key technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eutrophication of fresh water streams. Half or more of conventional fertilizers are not used by the plants but instead end up in the atmosphere or the ground water streams. This happens mainly because they dissolve very quickly in the soil after application […]


Making composites with natural fibers and materials is usually challenging as these materials tend to decompose at higher temperatures. Caleyda can be tuned to have lower melting temperatures, allowing combining it with a wide spectrum of natural fibers and materials. Caleyda will provide the cohesion of the different components and make the final composite more […]

3D printing

3D printing has the potential to unlock a vast universe of creativity by allowing individuals to quickly design and make prototypes. Caleyda can be extruded into a filament to be used for 3D printing. The first trials revealed a great adhesion between layers and a strong and flexible final product. We look forward to explore […]