European Bioplastics Conference

Paques Biomaterials at the European Bioplastics Conference

Richard Schrama is representing Paques Biomaterials at the European Bioplastics Conference in Berlin. Besides attending the conference, we also decided to show our brand Caleyda®. This is our first step to bringing our PHBV brand Caleyda® to market.

What’s to know about our PHBV brand Caleyda®

No harmful microplastics
Caleyda® is PHA produced by natural microbes that exist in all earth environments. Therefore applications made from Caleyda® will be consumed by microbes once in soil, water or marine environments without leaving harmful microplastics behind. Caleyda® is 100% biobased and superiorly biodegradable.

No competition with food/feed production
Because Caleyda® is made from residual feedstock, it doesn’t compete with food/feed production. Our technology doesn’t modify bacteria genetically, and we use no fossil resources. This makes Caleyda® sustainable and natural on all sides. A fully circular biopolymer for your circular product.

Locally sourced and produced
It’s our aim to produce PHA on a large scale. The first full-scale plants on three different continents are already under development. Natural microbes are everywhere, so producing PHA can be done everywhere.

Tunable properties
It is a great advantage that we can control functional and mechanical properties in the creation of Caleyda®. These tuned properties make Caleyda® suitable for various applications.

Wide range of applications
Because of the biodegradability in all environments, we focus on applications used in nature, or that easily leak in nature. Nevertheless, we are open to new ideas, and our application team is happy to team up with your R&D department or product designers to apply Caleyda® as a building block of your circular and biobased product.