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Natural biopolymers produced from sustainable resources

We use natural microbes and processes to produce biodegradable PHBV biopolymers using the organic carbon present in waste streams. From waste to a high value natural biomaterial with a wide range of applications.

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Your waste(water) is valuable!
Generate up to 10x more value than current waste(water) treatment technologies, including biogas production.

We add value to your business

Improve biodegradation of your products!
Our PHBV can be used to tune biodegradability and contribute to key mechanical properties.

Paques Biomaterials builds on 10 years research and development on PHBV production from waste streams


Experienced team

A top team with the right knowledge and experience to bring this new technology to industrial scale.


5 successful pilots

5 different waste streams.

5 different challenges.

5 success stories!


Our own technology

We have our own proprietary technology to go from waste stream to high quality PHBV.


Bridging the gap

We focus on bridging the gap between technology and market implementation. Bringing this new solution to you!

Low Carbon footprint

We produce a fully circular biopolymer that will improve your business carbon footprint

Upcycling waste to natural biopolymers!

Paques Biomaterials

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